24/7 Monitored Security Control Room with Live CCTV Monitoring

24/7 Monitored Security Control
Room with Live CCTV Monitoring

Our 24/7 active security control room will assist your business in being able to fully functional and monitored 24/7. We are able to cater for business needs as requested for by the customer and can suit the need of the business.
We manage CCTV systems and access control systems directly from our security control rooms, or in customer based control rooms (each service is dependant of customers’ requirements and preferences).
We ensure to work in accordance with the British Standards and comply with GDPR and SIA requirements when handling CCTV footages.
CCTV is fast becoming a powerful tool in the fight against crime and it is important that you have the personnel who can operate your system and coordinate your security personnel “on the ground”.
All Supreme Protection Ltd CCTV and Control room Operators are SIA qualified and have extensive experience with Security systems and will ensure your CCTV and security systems are used to its maximum potential.
Supreme Protection Ltd can supply trained and licensed security operatives to operate and monitor CCTV as well as experienced control room staff.
By using Supreme Protection Ltd operators you will have the peace of mind knowing that your security systems are in good hands.
Whether your looking for a brand new security system or wanting to upgrade to the latest cutting edge technology.
At Supreme Protection Ltd we can provide a total security systems solution.

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