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Canine Services

Explosives detection dog teams can provide a versatile, mobile and real-time search and detection capability that can offer significant benefits to many customers.

Supreme Security Canine Services

We lead the way in canine services

Canine Services Dog

Patrol Services

We offer highly trained teams of handlers and dogs to protect a range of premises, this ranges from warehouse protection to private land protection.

Commonly, a security patrol dog remains an effective deterrent to intruders, we can offer bespokeservices to ensure the optimum protection for our client's assets by providing highly qualified, experienced dog handlers and trained dogs.

The services can range from one-off events to short- or long-term contracts.

All our dog handlers hold at minimum the NASDU level 2 qualification.

Guard Patrolling dogs are a common source of physical protection used by our clients as this is a cost-effective method and environmentally friendly.

Residential Security is also an area we cover.

Explosive Detection Dogs

Supreme Protection offer explosive search services (sniffer dogs) through our highly trained (at min) NASDU level 4 qualified EDD handlers.

The handler and the dog are trained together to provide high profile deterrent, delivering reassurance to the general public, especially in such times with heightened security.

This is a highly trusted and proven method of locating explosives in a wide range of environments, from vehicles and cargo screening to systematic building searches.

The handlers and dogs undergo CT training (continuation training) each month to ensure compliance with the dog and the handler remain at the high standards.

Explosive Detection Dogs

Narcotic Screening

Supreme Protection LTD offer narcotic search services through our highly trained (at min) NASDU level 3 qualified handlers.

This deployment is both proactive and passive.  This solution offers clients a high-profile solution to drug misuse.

This service can be utlised for building, area and vehicle patrols and screening for people.

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